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Many experts in stone business has predicted that one of the hottest new trends in the home building and decorating industry today is the creative use of polished concrete, which can become an great alternative to granite in the near future. Is that going to be true? Let’s first look at how concrete building elements such as countertops are constructed and what the modernized concrete can do in home building.

Concrete became popular among many designers and home owners alike due to its limitless design potential. The best example would be, concrete can be used to build beautiful and distinctive kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Certainly concrete countertops have their uniqueness. As they are always custom-built, concrete countertops can truly reflect personal taste. There are countless options for color, pattern, shape, size and finish. Custom concrete products can also be crafted to coordinate with other design elements in the home. Decorative accents, such as glass, metals and even small objects like seashells or coins, can be embedded to create a one-of-a-kind look. The patina that can be polished into concrete is remarkable and can portray a plethora of characters and moods, from antique-like to funky to pure art.

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